CEIP Data Feedback for Partners, Spring 2018

We would like to thank our collaborators for their continuing support and partnership, which allows us to collect important public health data and conduct timely epidemiological studies. Thanks to this collaboration, the national EIP Network continues to be widely recognized as an essential component of the nation’s public health surveillance system and a leader in... Read More »

CEIP Sentinel Newsletter, Spring 2017

In this issue — HPV-Impact Texting Pilot; PCV Study Update; Poster Summary Comparing Two Recent H3N2 Influenza Seasons; and FoodNet Fast Announcement. Click to download... Read More »

CEIP Sentinel Newsletter, Fall 2015

In this issue — Declining HPV-related cervical precancer in young women: the early impact of HPV vaccination; FoodNet Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli Completes Enrollment Phase; Evaluation of the Effectivness of Tdap Vaccination Strategies at Preventing Infant Pertussis Study; Healthcare Associated Infections and You: A Quick Update; Summary of Influenza activity for 2014-15 season. Click to download... Read More »

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Are you up-to-date with your immunizations? Are your children? Want to know more about the status of immunization policy in California? Check out the following links: Ready for School? Check those vaccination records! Adults need vaccines too! Vaccines are an important component of a healthy pregnancy Updates from the California Department of Public Health’s Immunization... Read More »

Under Surveillance 2014

Under Surveillance 2014 took place Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at the Elihu Harris State Office Building in downtown Oakland, California. The symposium’s topics included whole genome sequencing, hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, and a “hot topic” update on the Ebola virus. This is a free, annual symposium sponsored by CEIP; check back in September 2015 for... Read More »

Brilliant!Science Pandemic Family Festival

CEIP staff participated in the California Academy of Sciences’ Brilliant!Science Pandemic Family Festival on Saturday, September 27, 2014. This event explored the history of infectious diseases in human populations and offered insight into what scientists are doing to combat future pandemics. CEIP’s booth featured games and activities that allowed participants to test their knowledge of... Read More »

FoodNet Data in April 18th MMWR

The FoodNet annual publication on the incidence and trends of infection with pathogens transmitted commonly through food was published in the April  18, 2014 edition of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). The report summarizes data collected by FoodNet sites in 2013 and describes changes in incidence since 2006. This report shows limited progress... Read More »